This is the story of Ruth. The book of Ruth is sometimes treated as a love story-and in some ways it is indeed a love story, but not a romance. God’s love for Israel here finds expression in Ruth’s and Boaz’s love for Naomi, and in Boaz’s love for Naomi and Ruth. The heart of the story is the actions of Ruth and Boaz, the central figure throughout his Naomi. Ruth is one of the four Gentile women included in Matthew’s genealogy of Jesus. Her story is also one of the first times in the Bible we hear mention of the word Redeemer. Boaz’s actions set up the stage for what Jesus would do one day in redeeming us from our sin.



·       Week 1: Ruth’s World – Introduction: Who was Ruth and where was she from?

·       Week 2: Naomi’s Tragedy – Ruth Chapter 1

·       Week 3: Ruth Meets Boaz – Ruth Chapter 2, verses 1 to 16

·       Week 4: Naomi’s Harvest of Hope – Ruth Chapter 2, verse 17 to Chapter 3, verse 5

·       Week 5: The Night at the Threshing Floor – Ruth Chapter 3, verses 6 to 18

·       Week 6: Naomi’s Redemption and the Legacy of Ruth – Ruth Chapter 4



This material was designed for study groups to complete during the time they meet. There is no homework outside of the material for each week. We want you to read the book of Ruth out loud together as the weeks unfold. To hear the Scripture read together as a way to hear the whole story of the book of Ruth throughout your time together. Take some time to read it well is it will be the foundation for your discussion.


Each of the discussion question sections are designed to provide you with deeper levels of conversation. If your group only has time to complete the first question or your discussion consumes all of your time on the first question, then don’t feel it necessary to complete the other questions. We are less interested in you completing all the material and more interested in having a good discussion. It’s there for those who want it and for those groups that enjoy this kind of content.


We hope that you have a chance to discuss, pray together and possibly share food together.

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