Week 5 - Radical Evangelism and Radical Faithfulness

Radical Apprentices: Week 5 Readings and Discussion Questions

Readings: Acts 17: 16-33, Acts 20: 22-38; Radical Apprentices, Chapters 9 and 10

Discussion Questions:

Discussion 1:

  • Why does effectively communicating Christ lie at the heart of ‘Radical Evangelism’?
  • How does the Apostle Paul communicate Christ effectively in Acts 17? 
  • How does Paul demonstrate his familiarity with the beliefs of those to whom he is evangelizing? How can we do this in our context today?
  • How can we cultivate a genuine conviction for God’s truth in our lives?
  • Why is it important to be aware of the trends in our culture and their influence when we are engaged in evangelism?
  • What does it mean to communicate the Gospel with simplicity? How did Paul do this, and how can we?


Discussion 2:

  • Reflect upon the Apostle Paul’s address to the elders of the Ephesian church in Acts 20. How does Paul exemplify ‘Radical Faithfulness’ in his Christian leadership?
  • Consider this passage from page 136 of Radical Apprentices: “The truth about pastoral care is that it cannot be effectively administered from an emotional distance; neither can it be heartfelt if it comes from a place where empathy comes across as trite or superficial.” Why are genuine love and concern for the Church essential to living a faithful Christian life?

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